Best Carp Fishing Lakes UK- Top 10 Fishing Spots

Carp fishing in the United Kingdom is a popular pastime and has experienced a boom in recent years.  Because of this, there is an ever-increasing demand for more and more carp lakes.  The best carp fishing lakes UK can get your head spinning since there are so many great venues that will come to mind.  These places are accessible to every angler and promise you great adventures and quality fish to catch.

Best Carp Fishing Lakes UK

Best carp fishing lakes UK—top spots


This best carp fishing lakes UK is situated in Essex and is just a short distance away from Total fishing tackle.   There is something for everyone in Berner’s hall fishery.

On the side are three lakes that provide a venue for beginners and experienced carp anglers looking for a challenge.  In these best carp fishing, lakes UK 24 designated swims spans acres and acres of water.  The water depth varies throughout the year, but overall, the deepest it can reach is 12 feet.  The bottom of the lake is clay-based.  You can catch carp in various ways using tactics such as bottom bates zigs and surface fishing in the short, medium, and long ranges.  This will depend on conditions such as winds and weed beds and the season.

This best carp fishing lakes UK has been carefully stocked with over 600 premium selected carp and catfish from one of the country’s best-known top fish dealers who have been in the business since 2006.  The carp’s quality is good and ensures that there is a good cross-section of all species of carp, including the original fisher pond mirrors up to the heavily scaled mirrors.  You can also find several 40 lb. carp in this best carp fishing lakes UK and up to 20 pounds ones that will keep you occupied if you get your strategy right.

Meadow lake

You can find the Meadow lake between the reservoir and the River roading. This best carp fishing lakes uk was purposely created and stocked with carp anglers in mind.  There is a range of underwater features and an included island, so there are plenty of good fishing options other than fishing on the banks.  There are several species of carp found in this best carp fishing lakes UK.  Carp can reach up to 30 lbs in weights.  There are swims available in this lake, which is positioned along one bank.

Best Carp Fishing Lakes UK

Poulton’s lake is also located by the river roading reservoir, which is right next to Meadow lake.  it is one acre and is the smallest of the three lakes

It consists of varying depths with many human-made underwater features.  The property has a sizable swim to fish from and is protected from the elements.  It offers a close-range fishing experience compared to other lakes and is great for stocking and floater fishing.  Because there are only two swims available in this lake, it is for exclusive hire only.  This is one of the best carp fishing lakes UK.

It is great for individuals or small groups who want their lake to fish.  This lake is available for pre-booking, and car parking is close to the lake, which makes unloading your gear easier.

 Overall, Berners really does offer above par carp fishing experience and is a great first stop for your carp fishing adventure. 


The stock of fish found in Wellington country park is truly amazing.  This best carp fishing lakes UK spans 30 acres and is located in Reading in Berkshire and has attracted many carp anglers in the country.  The unique carp species lure them, and there are lots of them.  The exact figure is unknown, but based on reports, there are approximately over 50 fish, which are about 40 pounds in weight and about 30 fish have been caught, which are over 50 lbs. 

The record fish that has been caught is 60 lbs.  If you plan to fish in this best carp fishing lakes UK be prepared for a lengthy waiting list and the price of entrance fee, however if you are prepared for the wait and willing to shell out the cash, then you might just get a big catch in its waters. However, don’t think that fishing in this best carp fishing lakes UK would be easy because inexperienced anglers will be up for a challenge.  There are plenty of videos on YouTube about fishing experiences in this best carp fishing lakes UK that can educate you.  If you are dead set on fishing in Wellington country park, give the estate give them a call but be prepared for a long wait.


This best carp fishing lakes UK is one of the most well-known fishing venues in the UK  with at least nine different lakes.  Because of this, there will be a match that will suit all abilities.  If you want to go for runs, then you need to head to Brasenose or Hardwick smith.  If you are aiming for a big catch, go for Manor farm or Saint john’s.  Hunts corner and Oxlease lake will give you a bit of both experience.  If you are a beginner, then go for One summer pond.  Linear fisheries are situated just outside Oxfordshire, and the area is easy to locate and are spotlessly clean.  However, it would be best if you were warned that it can be pretty crowded during the hot months and especially during the weekends.  Linear fisheries is truly one of the best carp fishing lakes UK.


This best carp fishing lakes UK is home to the Carp society and is an amazing fishing lake as well. In its waters are some of the best looking carp in the country.  Horseshoe lake is sizeable at 62 acres with gravel pit stuffed with almost 1,000 carps up to 40 pounds in size.  If you are looking for coarse fish, Horseshoe is home to rod and pike. 

Best Carp Fishing Lakes UK

The shape of the lake forms into a v and splits into two different locations called summer and winter bay.  It also houses one of the best swims in the area.  The lodge on the property is home to the Carp Society offices, and you will find additional amenities here such as toilets and showers plus a tackle shop.  If you want dark scaly-looking carp, then the waters of Horseshoe are the place for you.

You have to be a carp society member to book to fish; however, it only cost £25 to become a member. Once a member, you can follow in the footsteps of one of the best anglers in the country.


This best carp fishing lakes uk attracts the best anglers in the country.  The property has a 3-acre lake and is only available for exclusive lake bookings all through the year.  This best carp fishing lake UK is only a short distance away from famous lakes and a top carp fishing spot.  Its waters are loaded with approximately 100 carp that weigh from 40 lbs to 30 lbs while the rest is 20  lbs.

This fishing spot is not easy water, but with a bit of strategy, you can get a catch.  Ten anglers are permitted at a time however, any more than six anglers will be a struggle.  There are large beds of lily pads that provide protection to the carp but are not much of a problem for the angler.  This best carp fishing lakes UK is a great spot for weekend fishing expeditions with your friends, so give it a go.


This best carp fishing lakes UK is already in carp angling history as one of the Colne valley’s original gravel pits. It has some of the top carp specimens the country has to offer.  Twin lakes are present on this site, but if you are after a big carp, then head for the pit one, which is a group of islands bays and weedy spots.  This best carp fishing lakes UK is home to some of the stunning carp that is over 40 pounds.  Its waters are described as medium difficulty even though there are thousands of carp in its 25 acres.  If you are after runs go to pit 2, which is stocked with 20 lbs.  The fish there can be caught using a variety of methods.  There are over 500 carp in the six-acre part, and the fish can be caught under any kind of weather.


The lake of Grenville is a mature weather-beaten 72-acre gravel pit right in the middle of Cambridgeshire.

It has a depth of up to 38 feet and has extraordinary carp species that are very large.  Currently, there are over 100 carps that are over 35 lbs, and the fish grows at a rate of 7 lbs each year.  Grenville is a syndicate, and it has a waiting list but you can get a place most years, and since there are over 50 different 40-pound carp, the fishing experience is exceptional.

There are many attractions in Grenville, and some videos on the internet will give you an insight into just how extraordinary the fishing experience can be in this best carp fishing lakes UK.


Cherry lakes offer something completely different.

This best carp fishing lakes UK is located in the Cotswold water park and is a holiday carp fishing spots with some exceptional fishing that is coupled with bankside accommodations that are luxurious.

If you come to this spot, you will come to the conclusion that it does offer peace and above par fishing experience.

In this property are three lodges and a cottage on the main lake.  Each will have over an acre of water, and fishing is done from one side, so using a bait boat can come in handy.  In the property are three other smaller lakes with their own lodges.  These spots are great for those looking for runs.  There is something for everyone here, including the wife or girlfriend, who thinks it will be a romantic weekend.  One of the lakes here is a lake with big carp and stunning carps of different species.


This is one of the best carp fishing lakes UK located in Sussex. In this property are three ponds which include Dave’s pond which is

meant for disabled visitors and has a hard stand parking space.

Every pond will have large carp that weigh as much as 40 lbs and even more.  Furthermore, this best carp fishing lakes UK has been in operation for more than 30 years and gives anglers a comfortable and bucolic fishing location.  This best carp fishing lakes UK has potable water and other amenities such as flush toilets and showers.  There are toilets, specially made for disabled visitors plus more.  The place is also a great camping site if you plan a fishing weekend with either your friends or family.

You also don’t need to sign for a membership or to book beforehand just to fish here.  You can drop by in this best carp fishing lakes UK anytime however if you plan on camping, you should call them first.

 There are also available reserved swims with fishing shelters; however, you should check this fishing spot’s availability by calling Alderwood ponds first.

Apart from fishing, there are also special spots for disabled swimming.  In addition to this, Alderwood is also dog-friendly so you can bring along your furry friend.  You can bring up to two pooches, but they will entail their own entrance fee.  The entrance for adults is £18, for disabled £10, and dogs are £2. There are also options and fees for an overnight stay.

Final thoughts


Fishing is a rewarding experience, especially if you end the day with a large catch. Getting a big catch is a source of pride and exhilaration.  Visit the best carp fishing lakes UK and get close to scenic views as you relax in bucolic surroundings.  Bond with family and friends and test your strategy and skills against other anglers.