8 Best Day Ticket Carp Lakes in England You Should Visit

Day fishing has always been a hobby of mine. Every weekend, I try to visit one day ticket lake to practice my angling skills. The good thing about England is we are surrounded by many lakes that are teeming with various fish species. This makes fishing such a fun hobby, regardless of your skill level. If you’re looking for a new place to catch carp, here 8 of the best day ticket carp lakes in England that I recommend.

1. Linear Fisheries

best day ticket carp lakes in England

Linear Fisheries is located in Hardwick, Witney beside the Stanton Harcourt. This is very popular among anglers, but you don’t have to worry since Linear has nine day lakes. You can easily find a spot to fish.

For their day ticket waters, you need to pay £16 and £23.50 for 24 hours. You can fish in any of their lakes except the small pond that’s nearby the Hunts Corner Lake. Also, there’s no close season to all the day ticket lakes here so you can drop by at any day.

To get a day ticket, you should look for the Linear Bailiffs that are patrolling the waters. Once you paid for the ticket, you can start fishing right away.

The Linear Fisheries is complete with basic amenities to make your stay comfortable. They have toilet blocks and showers all over the Lake for day ticket and overnight visitors.

2. Berners Hall Fishery

If you’re in Essex, you should try to visit the Berners Hall Fishery right at the Berners Hall Farm. It’s home to three lakes: The Res Lake, Poultons Lake, and Meadow Lake. Remember that this is a gated farm, so it’s strictly for day ticket fishing only.

On the Res Lake, you can catch 30-lb carp and even up to 40lbs if you happen to hook ‘Buster’. If you want a bigger carp population, you should angle at Poultons Lake instead.

The best thing about Berners Hall Fishery is they have a tackle shop just two minutes away from its fishery gates.

Their tickets cost £20 although they can still accommodate longer visits as per request. Also, one person is only allowed to use three rods. Only barbed hooks and rig tubes are allowed.

The only issue I had with Berners is they don’t allow dogs inside. But aside from that, it’s a fun fishery to visit. 

3. Elphicks Fishery

best day ticket carp lakes in England

The Elphicks Fishery is situated in Tonbridge along the Spelmonden Road. This is a sizeable fishery with seven lakes available for session and day ticket fishing. The best thing about Elphicks is that each Lake has a parking space that’s close to the banks.

For carp fishing, you must go to their Kettles Lake. This is a 2.5-acre lake stocked with lots of carps, perches, and tenches. You can also try the Pullens Lake, which is a specimen carp water. North Lake is also an excellent carp lake, but it’s only open for adults over 17 years old.

A day ticket here costs £25 to £35 for a maximum of three rods, depending on the specific Lake where you’re fishing. They also offer up to 48 hours of stay or more. You should remember that they will lock all the vehicles inside upon closing to be opened at 7 am the next day.

4. Sandhurst Lake

The Sandhurst Lake is located at Swan Lane nearby the Lakeside Business Park at the Yateley Complex. This is strictly a day ticket lake, and you have to book in advance through the Crowthorne Angling Center or the Sandhurst Lake website. No tickets will be sold at the banks so you should secure yours ahead of your visit.

Although a lone lake, you can catch 30lb carp here and several 40s. For your day ticket in this Lake, you’re only allowed to bring a maximum of three rods and use micro-barbed hooks. A paying adult must accompany juniors or those under 18.

The good thing here is that you’re allowed to bring dogs, but make sure that are on a leash and far from the fishes. Just remember that wading in the water isn’t permitted for both anglers and their dogs. You can only get into the water when releasing a catch.

5. Crowsheath Fishery

For anglers near the Downham, Billericay, the Crowsheath Fishery is a must-visit. This is located at the heart of Essex, which also boasts lush views. It’s set in 10-acre farmland with rolling countryside geography that’s also rich in wildlife.

Inside Crowsheath Fishery, you can choose from three lakes. Their main carp lake is stocked with 30s and a lot of 20s for you to catch. They also have an abundant pike lake that will keep you busy on your day ticket fishing.

Each day ticket here starts at £25 for 12 hours. If you wish to extend your stay, you can also pay for night fishing. Currently, they have launched a membership program where you can take three rods and enjoy unlimited fishing on weekdays from 7 am to 7 pm for just £200.

If you want a day ticket fishing spot away from the traffic, Crowsheath is a good choice.

6. Homeclose Fishery

Boasting its four lakes, the Homeclose Fishery isn’t one to be missed if you’re located around Whissendine, Oakham. This fishery is set in the laidback countryside of Rutland so you can enjoy peaceful angling.

Their four lakes are teeming with crucian carp, perch, rudd, bream, orfe, and tench. Also, day ticket prices start for as low as £7. However, you must have an EA rod licensed in order to fish here. Otherwise, they will not let you in.

Also, only barbless hooks are allowed, and you can’t use floating poles in any lakes. Per angler, only two rods are allowed for each day ticket.

Sad to say, Homeclose Fishery doesn’t allow cats and dogs, which is quite understandable because they are keeping the place clean and quiet. If you are to bring a junior, make sure that you keep them accompanied at all times.

7. Bury Hill Fishery

The Bury Hill Fishery is in Westcott, Dorking along the Guildford Road. They have four lakes: the Old Lake, Bonds Lake, Milton Lake, and Temple Lake. The Old Lake is teeming with specimen carp while Milton Lake is home to crucian and other small carps. The other two lakes are also good carp fishing spots together with other fishes.

They are open for day ticket fishing starting 6:30 am and will close at 8 pm. To get your tickets, you must book through their website or through the onsite bailiff once you arrive in the area.

Like any day ticket lakes, you need to observe the rules at Bury Hill. No braided mainlines or floating poles are allowed. They also ban method feeders and particle baits.

8. Hunters Lodge Fishery

Located at Brigg, North Lincolnshire, this four-lake fishery is home to 30lb carps. The fishery is also surrounded by lush trees and foliage that makes it a relaxing spot for day ticket fishing. Aside from day tickets, they also offer glamping by the lakes.

Each day ticket costs £5 to £9, depending on the Lake where you’re going to angle. So far, this is one of the cheapest fishery I’ve been in, and the catch is not really shabby. However, you must expect random searches on your vehicle before leaving because of increased fish theft in the area.

If you get hungry while fishing, there’s a café inside the fishery that serves breakfasts, sandwiches, cakes, and a variety of coffee drinks. It’s open every day, except Monday.


The best day ticket carp lakes in England is a great way to flex your angling skills on your days off. It’s also cheaper if you can’t afford elite memberships and exclusive fisheries. Still, the eight I listed here are just some of the options you can visit in England. I’ll update this list as I get into more fisheries in the coming months!