Fishing for Carp at Night – Preparing for 1 Good Catch

Carp fishing is an excellent fishing activity. Yet, fishing carp at night is the best scene to get a big one. Likewise, nighttime carp fishing can also be boring if the approach is not right. Here are helpful tips on what and how to prepare for an unforgettable night fishing. 

Different Time Of Day for Fishing Carp

Actually, you can catch carp at any time of the day which makes the carp fishing activity an enjoyable one. Yet, it may also seem to be challenging because you need to find the perfect spot where carp usually reside based on the time of day. Here are the different times of the day when you have a good carp catch.

Fishing for carp in the morning

During the morning, the carp are highly active especially in the warmer temperature of summer. At this time of the day, carp basically swim over the shallow waters and jump out of the pond or lake. It is actually during the first several hours in the morning when you can have an excellent carp fishing experience.

Meanwhile, in cooler temperature, carp fishing is generally better around the afternoon or the evening due to the fact that water temperatures are getting warm by some degrees at this time of the day. Moreover, fishing carp in the morning might be really challenging during the early spring, late fall or on a cold front. 

Fishing for carp in the afternoon

Compared to morning carp fishing, the afternoon is a time of the day when you can experience very good carp fishing. You can usually see tons of fish feeding in the afternoon. This can also be true during the mid-summer in times when the temperature of the water is really warm. 

Basically, numbers of carp, especially the big ones, will be found in the deep water in the summer month. While, this afternoon carp fishing will be generally better during the seasons of spring and fall. The reason behind this is that carp usually prefer to be on warmer waters. 

Fishing for carp in the evening

Usually, evening is the time of the day that can always offer some good carp fishing. During this time, you can observe that the fish are moving into shallow waters the moment the sun comes down. It is still good catch carp in the deeper water, yet a couple feet of water can also provide some nice carp. 

Actually, when you tend to fish on the pond, various surface carp activities are very obvious prior to the dark. The carp are usually feeding on this time of the day. Throwing your baits over them can generally give you a good catch. 

Fishing for carp at night

If morning carp fishing may be challenging during some season of the year, fishing for carp at night can also be a great challenge as well. This also applies true if you catch a big one. Generally, carp will feed throughout the night which lead various anglers fishing for carp at night. 

Carp are not usually affected by the lowlight environment during the night because they have a good sense of smell in finding food. Fishing for carp at night may let you see carp feeding over certain spots that they basically found in the morning or evening. Generally, similar baits used during the morning will also work for fishing for carp at night. 

fishing for carp at night

Moreover, the major difference of fishing for carp at night is the disadvantage of not being able to see clearly. In case you really want to pursue fishing for carp at night, it is better if you scout your preferred spot in the morning. Basically, familiarize yourself with the surroundings so that you are able to get through it during the night. 

If ever, things wouldn’t work as planned when fishing for carp at night, ready your flashlights, spare batteries, lanterns, and few fishing rods. Actually, preparing numbers of fishing rods during fishing for carp at night is generally important as making a re-tie of the fishing line at night is really frustrating. The key to fishing for carp at night is your preparedness for those fishing equipment as fishing for carp at night will highly give you plenty of catch. 

How to Prepare for Fishing for Carp at Night

Most channels are busy in making carp fish to feed during the daytime. Yet, as the lake tends to be quiet when the light comes down, fishing for carp at night may be really bountiful. Moreover, it is very crucial to be highly prepared for this moment to guarantee that your overnight fishing wouldn’t be a nightmare.

Light Source

Once you decide on fishing for carp at night, it is advisable to carry some lights on your trip. The lights will help you to get along in the dark and let you locate fishing gears when you need it. Moreover, a lighting source will help you to tie rigs in the dark night. 

The most common light source when fishing for carp at night is the LED lights. They usually provide bright and concentrated light and also cater an improved battery. Additionally, it is a good idea to invest on a head torch as it generally allows a hands-free fishing activity. 

Meanwhile, the isotopes radiate sufficient brightness for faster locating of fishing essentials. In addition, there are numbers of fishing gear that have recesses to fit budget-friendly isotopes which last for long years. 


When you opt on fishing for carp at night, you need to have shelter where you can rest. During cold weather the best one to pick is a twin skinned bivvy. But, a brolly shelter is a perfect choice on a good summer evening.

Fishing for carp at night

In order to secure your shelter on windy conditions, it is better to use robust screw pegs. A bed chair and a sleeping bag are also a must-have on fishing for carp at night for you to sleep over during chilly nights. 

Bedchair Pouch

If there is a small portable fishing accessory that fastens the Velcro tabs into the frame of the chair, it is none other than the bedchair pouch. The function of the bedchair pouch is primarily to give storage in a zip up form for small personal items that are somehow valuable like the wallet, car keys, phone, and baiting tools. 

Food and water

Fishing for carp at night will still make you feel thirsty and hungry. So, the best thing to do is to carry with you lots of food and some tea or coffee. Also, don’t forget to bring a single burner plus a pot to make some brew. 

Moreover, include in the list the drinking water and make sure to store food inside a cool bag in case the weather condition is hot. Aside from that, the cool bag will also be advantageous for bringing some frozen baits. 

Terminal tackle

Before you go fishing for carp at night, it is a good idea to organize the terminal tackle. This fishing gear will generally save your time and make your fishing experience a little bit easier. 

Visual markers

Actually, fishing for carp at night makes it difficult for you to fish in the dark. That’s why you basically need to have with you a visual marker. Ideally, go to the fishing site during daytime and check a significant spot over the opposite bank and use a marker. 

Be prepared

Fishing for carp at night necessitates you to organize everything before the dark comes in. Doing this may also help you to sort out during the swim when there is still a natural light. 

Ring the alarm

You will generally fall asleep at the bank when you tend to go fishing for carp at night. Knowing this, tuning into the alarm is the best thing to do. Place them in a spot close to your ears so that you will immediately be notified that the sun is rising. 

Carp fishing bait

The carp have a good sense of smell especially in the dark. That’s why it is actually a good time to improve your bait. Consider the use of artificial glow in the dark corn bait. Do not ever leave your bait into the floor, just store it above the ground because rats might pinch it. Additionally, make use of a bucket that has lids in storing those baits.

Fishing for carp at night

Emergency tool kit

During fishing for carp at night, there is a great potential for accidents to happen. Due to this, an emergency tool kit is really a must-have. Ensure that you have plasters, insect repellent, antiseptic cream, and even sun block. You also need to take your phone for emergency call purposes. 

Spare parts and repair tools

Another important thing to bring with for fishing for carp at night is the spare baiting tools. Aside from that, you can also bring some spare batteries with you. Moreover, check the weather before leaving home and if the weather does not seem good, carry some set of spare clothes as well. It is also ideal if you carry a little piece of superglue and electrician’s tape for bankside repairs if any. 

Final Thoughts

Fishing for carp at night can generally give you bountiful catches as carp as tons of carp tend to feed on a particular spot during the night. However, it can be really challenging as darkness is the primary disadvantage. The key point here is to prepare all the equipment that you need and also ready yourself for the great night fishing activity.