6 Exclusive Carp Lakes in England

In a previous post, I talked about day-ticket lakes for carp fishing. But if you want to hire an entire lake or bank for your friends or family, you can do so in one of the exclusive carp lakes in England. These lakes or fisheries offer packages with add-ons like a fridge for baits, secure parking, and so on. I’ve been to several of these exclusive lakes, thanks to the invitation of some friends. If you’re looking for one, the following are some of the best options I recommend:

1. Westfield Fishery

exclusive carp lakes in England

If there’s one exclusive carp lake I’d love to revisit, it would be the Westfield Fishery. I once had the chance to fish here during a friend’s birthday celebration. The fishery is located in the Medmenham village, along the Henley Road, and inside the Westfield Farm.

Here, you can hire a lake exclusively for a fishing holiday. Their 3.5-acre exclusive carp lake is located in between Henley-on-Thames and Marlow. It’s stocked with 30s and close to 40s carp as well as 20s pike. You can also chance upon breams and tench here.

Their exclusive fishing package includes rental of the Shepherd’s Hut. It’s also bundled with a camping area, electricity points, fridge for baits, and secured parking. You will have unlimited use of the lake, both day and night. For each exclusive hire, they allow up to 8 anglers.

And judging that the Shepherd’s Hut has two double-bed for kids, you can also bring your children here. This is a family-friendly place, so your kids will surely have fun even if they are not fishing. 

Anyway, you also have the option to forego the rental of the hut if you want to save some money. However, this package is only available for 6 anglers.

Exclusive lake hires in Westfield Fishery is available all year round. Basically, they offer a Weekday Fishing Break (Mon to Fri) and Weekend Fishing Break (Fri to Mon). For the package with the Shepherd’s Hut, the check-in would be 2 pm then check-out at 10 am at the end of the fishing holiday.

If you didn’t rent the Shepherd’s Hut, you could arrive at the fishery starting 10 am.

Weekday Fishing Break + Shepherd’s Hut: starts at £1340
Weekend Fishing Break + Shepherd’s Hut: starts at £1260
Weekday Fishing Break: £585
Weekend Fishing Break: £530
NOTE: Early booking is needed to secure your desired date

2. Olivemead Lake

If you’re looking for an exclusive carp lake around Chippenham, the Olivemead Lake is a good choice. It’s located at Dauntsey and popular for its carp fishing holidays.

They have four lodges here where you can also fish in private: The Retreat, The Main Lodge, Sadie’s Lodge, and Willow Lodge.

The Retreat Lodge covers about a quarter of the main lake and can accommodate two anglers at a time. If you booked this lodge, you would also have access to Martha’s Pod that’s a stone’s throw away from the lodge itself. One thing that I like about The Retreat is it has an enclosed garden where I can bring my dog and where kids can play. The lodge itself is fitted with a full kitchen, bathroom with shower, appliances, and SKY TV.

Meanwhile, the Main Lodge is suitable for large families or groups. It’s made for four guests with a 3-tier decking area where you can position your rods. And since it’s the biggest cabin, it also commands the biggest part of the Olivemead Lake. On the left, there’s also a little bay where you can catch large carp.

Next, Sadie’s Lodge suitable for two anglers at a time. It’s also one of the most aesthetic cabins in the lake with French doors and glazed windows. The lodge itself has electricity and appliances to make your overnight stay comfortable.

Lastly, there’s the Willow Lodge. This one is situated at the far bank but highly sought by anglers since this is where most of the largest carp hang out. Near the Willow Lodge is the lake’s aerator, which is like a fish magnet whenever it’s on. Overall, the Willow Lodge occupies a large portion of the lake.

If you plan to pay for a Lake Exclusive, you will enjoy all of these lodges and all parts of the lake, including Martha’s Pod and the Oak Swim. This exclusive package is good for 8 anglers.

The Retreat: £250 for 48 hours minimum
The Main Lodge: £240 for 48 hours minimum
Sadie’s Lodge: £210 for 48 hours minimum
Lake Exclusive package: £650 for 48 hours minimum 
Lake Exclusive week-long booking: £2,275 per week

***1 week or longer bookings of the Lake Exclusive also include 8 kgs. of OM boilies

3. Cherry Lakes

exclusive carp lakes in England

The Cherry Lakes is located at Wildmoorway Lane in Cirencester. Like Olivemead, they also offer exclusive carp fishing holidays. It’s cradled inside the Cotswold Water Park, which gives it a laidback and relaxing vibe. Based on my experience, this is just two hours away from Birmingham.

Inside the fishery, there are four lakes: the Cherry Lake, Cherry Springs, Cherry Mere, and Cherry Pool. Cherry Lake is the largest and is home to three lodges. Meanwhile, the other lakes have one lodge each. If you wish to book an exclusive fishing holiday, you can select the three smaller lakes to save some money.

However, if you want better chances of catching carp, Cherry Lake is the best spot. It houses 300+ carp with a record of 44 lbs. on mirror carp and 30 lbs+ on other carp species. It’s also the best choice for large angler groups and families.

If you want to book a holiday, you can call either Mike or Judith, but avoid doing so after 7:30 pm out of courtesy. Here’s a quick look on their lodges to help you decide which one to book:

✔️Pochard Lodge (exclusive to Cherry Mere Lake) – sleeps up to 6 people, including 3 anglers
✔️Cherry Lake Cottage -3-bedroom house right at the bank of the River Churn
✔️Cherry Lake Lodges (Osprey, Heron &Grebe) – 1-bedroom lodge for 1 to 2 couples
✔️Kingfisher Lodge (exclusive to Cherry Spring Lake) – 1-bedroom lodge
✔️Egret Lodge (exclusive to Cherry Pool) – 1-bedroom for a couple or 2 anglers

Take note that kids younger than 12 are not allowed to stay in the lakeside lodges. If you’re bringing your young kids with you, it’s best to book the 3-bedroom Cherry Lake Cottage instead. Also, they don’t allow dogs and other pets in any of the accommodations.

4. Cottington Lakes Fishery

The Cottington Lakes Fishery is located inside the Cottington Court Farm along Sandwich Road in Kent. Of their 8 carp lakes, only the Lake Pepper is open for exclusive hires. This lake is approximately 7 acres wide with two distinct causeways.

You can hire Lake Pepper entirely or just half of it, whichever suits you and your friends. If hired entirely, Lake Pepper can accommodate up to 16 anglers in its 16-swim banks. So far, this lake has over 200 carp on its waters, with 40 weighing over 30s and 40s. There’s one carp here that the anglers call ‘Big Girl’ due to its 51 lbs. weight.

Take note that exclusive hires of the lake don’t include access to the bailiff’s swim. This part is reserved only for the lake’s bailiffs, no matter what time of the year.

I also want to warn that Cottington Lakes Fishery has strict rules. If one of the anglers on the group violates any of it, the entire group will be cited for violating the fishery rules. The management can cancel your booking midway if they deem necessary.

As for the exclusive use of the Pepper Lake, only two rods are allowed on each swim at a time. Fixed rigs and loose fed sweetcorn are banned here as well for the health of the fishes. You should only use micro barb use and a minimum mainline of 12 lbs. And unless you have a carp care kit and a dry unhooking mat/cradle, you can’t fish at Pepper Lake.

Cottington Lakes also offers day and night ticket fishing on other waters aside from their exclusive hires.

Lake Pepper exclusive hire for 1 week: starts at £1,150
£35 per 23 hours for non-exclusive bookings

5. Churn Pool Fishery

If you’re looking for an exclusive hire lake in Cirencester, Churn Pool Fishery is a good choice. This is an exclusive-only booking fishery with two booking slots per week. You can also book more than one slot for a fishing holiday longer than a week.

Churn Pool is located inside the Cotswold Water Park, southwest of the Cherry Lakes. This lake prides itself as one of the premier carp fishing waters in the UK. With lots of 40s, 30s, and 20s, this claim isn’t really an exaggeration. You can catch common and mirror carp here aside from other strains that thrive on the lake.

During your fishing holiday, the lake is all yours starting at 8 am on the first day and 9 pm on the last day of the booking. Just note that Churn Pool Fishery requires a 50% deposit upon booking an exclusive fishing holiday. The other half of the balance is payable upon arrival. They also have a lodge, but the pricing is separate from the fishing holiday booking. You can pay in cash, bank transfer, or cheque, whichever suits you well. 

Since Churn Pool is quite popular among anglers, you must book your holiday ahead. When we tried booking a week-long stay, the latest available dates are three months away.

All anglers in the group should possess a valid rod license. Also, only a maximum of three rods per angler is allowed. Churn Pool also bans unattended rods. Overall, Churn Pool doesn’t have an intensive set of rules, but you’re expected to fish responsibly.

One last thing that I like about Churn Pool is you can bring your dog but make sure that you clean up after them. That’s one advantage this fishery has over Cherry Lakes.

3-day exclusive fishing holidays: starts at £400
Separate lodge rental: £25 a night

6. Stuffins Pit Carp Pool

Lastly, I recommend the Stuffins Pit Carp Pool near Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. They offer exclusive hires from 2 or more days as you wish. Exclusive hires are available all year round, plus the fishery offers fishing lessons, which is a fun activity for kids.

Like Churn Pool, Stuffins Pit is an exclusive carp fishing lake. Your exclusive fishing holiday includes unlimited access to the lake, a touring caravan on-site, and the key to the place. You can use the caravan as a shelter while you watch over your rods or when it’s tipping down.

There’s also an eco-toilet on-site as well as log burners and BBQ facilities. The logs are free, but make sure that you clean up after using the facilities as a courtesy to the management.

If you wish to avail of the fishing lessons, you must mention it during your call while booking the lake. I haven’t tried it before, but I believe the management will discuss the lesson rates with you privately. You also need to pay a deposit upon booking and then settle the remaining balance even before the scheduled fishing holiday. The management will set a leeway for you to settle the balance.

As for the rules, Stuffins Pit keeps it simple. Keepnets and peanuts are not allowed, and you must have a carp care kit all the time. You should also use an unhooking mat, and you must return the fish to the water right away. You should supervise juniors when they are angling.

Aside from the lake, they also have a funky lodge that could fit a couple or two anglers.

2 nights exclusive hire: £350
Fishing lessons: you have to call them to know the price


These exclusive carp lakes in England are just some of the private fishing spots you can visit. You can book 2 or more days to enjoy your fishing holiday. Since many of these lakes are popular, I advise booking ahead of your planned visit.

I hope you find this post helpful in finding your next fishing spot around UK. I’ll be writing more fishing location guides in the coming days, and I’ll try to cover as many regions as I can!