Top 10 Best Places for Carp Fishing in the UK!

There’s nothing more satisfying than setting your bait and landing a 40-pound carp out of the water. Also, carp fishing UK becomes more exciting as you hunt for the best places to go angling and to have the biggest catch. You might even beat your previous record for the largest carp!

For this post, we listed 10 of the best ponds, rivers, fishery sites, and more where you can catch the best carp. Regardless if you’re a pro or just testing the waters, these 10 places will suit you well:

1.      Alderwood Ponds, Steyning, West Sussex

Our top pick for carp fishing UK is the Alderwood Ponds in Steyning, West Sussex. There are three large ponds on the site:

*Dave’s Pond – this is for the disabled visitors and it comes with a hard stand parking space.
*Corsican Pond – this pond has 15 pegs
*Island Pond – this pond has 26 pegs

All of the ponds have large carp that weigh as much as 38 lbs. and more. Moreover, this place has been operating for more than 30 years and giving anglers a comfortable and idyllic fishing experience.

This place has potable water, flush toilet, coin-activated shower, toilets for disabled visitors, and more. You can camp out here for a fishing weekend with your family or friends.

Also, there’s no need to sign for a membership or to book just to fish here during the day. You can drop by and chance upon a good spot. However, if you plan to camp out, you should call Pam (01903 816377) or Julie (07713468264) first.

There are also fishing shelters here with a reserved swim. However, you should check the availability first by calling Alderwood Ponds.

Aside from fishing, there are allocated spots for disabled swimming. Also, Alderwood Ponds is dog-friendly and you can bring up to two dogs during your stay.

Alderwood Ponds Details

Location: Horsham Road, Steyning, West Sussex BN44 3AA, B2135
Operating hours: 7 am to dusk during winter | 7 am to 6:30 pm during summer
Price range:
>Adults – £10 to £18
>Juniors – £8 to £10
>Disabled – £8 to £10
>OAP – £9 to £11
>Dogs – £2
>24-hour stay – £27| £25 for guests| £2.50 for dogs

2.      Lathom Fisheries, Burscough, Lancashire

For 20 years now, Lathom Fisheries have been welcoming anglers from all over the UK and the world. There are various fish options here that you can hook.

For the best angling experience, you can choose from the four lakes inside the fishery. These are the following:

Lake 1 – Here, you can catch carp weighing up to 20 lbs. There are also chubs, barbels, roaches, perches, breams, rudds, green & golden tench, as well as ide. Each of the fishes varies in weight.
Lake 2 – This is the lake for those who are looking for large carps of up to 32 lbs. You can also catch barbels, breams, chubs, and tenches that are between 5 to 9 lbs.
Lake 3 – This lake is filled with F1 carp that weighs up to 10 lbs. as well as 20-lb. carp, chub, barbels, gudgeons, small roaches, and ides.
Lake 4 – Here, you can catch F1 carps, breams, chubs, tenches, ides, and barbels.

Lathom Fisheries is the perfect spot for anglers who are looking to catch various carp species. While you’re here, you can also try your rods on other fishes. It’s also the perfect spot for the day ticket fisherman in you.

If you’re a newbie, Lathom Fisheries’ owner Steve will give you tips to have a good catch. They also guarantee that you’ll have a satisfying fishing experience on your visit.

For those who are planning to go fishing in Lathom Fisheries, you can secure day tickets near the café area of the place. Also, you can get one from the resident bailiff who will visit the fishing sites a few times during the day.

Take note that Lathom Fisheries have some strict rules to keep the place’s cleanliness:

Lathom Fisheries rules:

*An adult should supervise 16-year-old and below
*Only barbless hooks are allowed
*Floating bread, boilies, meat baits (until the ban is lifted) and ground baits aren’t allowed
*No dogs and alcohol are allowed
*No rattler or splashers are allowed
*You should park your car on the designed car park unless you have a disabled badge on display
*You’re not allowed to remove fish. Doing so will get you in trouble.

Lathom Fisheries Details

Location: Warpers Moss Lane, Burscough, Lancashire
Operating hours: Dawn ‘til dusk
Phone number: 01704 895 913 or 07933 854 941 (General inquiries)
>Pleasure fishing – £6 for 1 rod and £10 for 2 rods | £5 concessions for each senior and disabled visitors
>Match men – £7
>Those found fishing without a ticket – £10 minimum
>Private lake hires – 5 hours of Lake 1 for £175 per match| 5 hours of Lake 4 for £120 per match
>Monthly tickets – £180 (limited slots)

3.      Clapham Common Pond, South London

Clapham Common is one of the largest open spaces in London. It measures 87 hectares and stretches from Balham, Battersea, and Clapham.

It boasts three ponds: the Mount Pond, Eagle Pond, and Long Pond

*Mount Pond and Eagle Pond – these two ponds are open for angling and visitors. You can find large carp, breams, tenches, roaches, perches, and more. There’s also diverse wildlife here.
*Long Pond – this pond is exclusive for model boating

Aside from fishing, this Clapham Common is a haven for weekend getaways. There are tennis courts, all-weather games area, grass pitches, and bowling greens.

Take note that this large place can get really busy so you should expect that a lot of people will come while you’re angling.

If you’re planning to fish here, you should seek a fishing permit from the Lambeth Council since they solely manage the place. You can get it online for £25 a year. That’s way cheaper than other fishing spots, plus it’s located conveniently in London.

Clapham Common is an excellent place for family weekends and for anglers who want to experience wildlife while practising their carp fishing UK skills.

Clapham Common Details

Location: Windmill Drive, Clapham, London
Phone number: 020 7926 9000
Price: £25 a year for the fishing permit

4.      Eden Meadows, County Durham

If you’re located in North East England, you shouldn’t miss the Eden Meadows at County Durham. Here, you can enjoy fishing on three water complexes, the Meadow Lake, Cherry Tree, and Acer Lake.

*Meadow Lake – this lake has 30 pegs and the largest of the three fishing waters here. It also has a large stock of various fish species, including carp, crucian carp, roach, tench, chub, and even big doubles. Take note that the Meadow Lake is more of a pleasure fishing lake, but it can also be used for matches on several occasions.
*Cherry Tree – this is the smallest of the three water complexes composed of 12 pegs. It has carp and tench, but you can also spot silvers if the conditions are ideal.
*Acer Lake – this is teeming with carp and there are also various sports around, perfect for families and angling buddies.

Aside from the lakes and ponds, there are also toilet facilities in Eden Meadows Fishery. Also, you can avail snacks and drinks here if you run out of food. There’s also a communal microwave that the visitors can use to heat up their food.

Overall, Eden Meadows has an outstanding reputation. It’s a laidback place with a lot to offer. Just take note that the place is closed during Mondays, except if it’s a bank holiday.

Moreover, this place is perfect for coarse fishery. However, night fishing isn’t available, but you can pay for an evening ticket if you want to camp out.

Eden Meadows Details

Location: Wingate, County Durham
Operating hours: Day and night, except Mondays unless it’s a bank holiday
>Adults – £7
>Juniors and disabled– £5
>Evening ticket – £4

5.      Cobbleacre Lakes, Hevingham, Norfolk

Cobbleacre is a holiday park and a favorite fishing site in the Norwich area and Norfolk North Coast. Aside from being an angler’s destination, this park also offers a lot of activities for families, especially those who are going for caravan weekends.

The environment is unspoiled and you can peacefully catch a carp during your fishing holidays. Also, there are five lakes inside the holiday park that caters to different angler expertise and levels. These lakes are the following:

The Alex’s Lake

Also dubbed as the ‘fun lake’, the Alexs Lake is the starting lake for fishing beginners who want to catch carp, silverfish, bream, ide, and more. Moreover, the biggest carp available in  Alexs Lake is estimated to be 18 lbs.

This lake is only ¾ acre wide and has a maximum depth of 6 ft.

Aside from that, you’ll also enjoy the sight of lily pads, margins, and overhanging trees. Also, for this lake, methods like pole, feeder, float, and surface fishing are encouraged.

The Adam’s Lake

The Adams Lake is the runs water of the Cobbleacre Holiday Park. Here, experienced anglers will have a great time catching carp, tench, ide, bream, and more.

Since the Adams Lake is 3 acres big, there’s enough room for many anglers planning to take a fishing holiday here. Also, this lake is 3 to 7 ft.-deep which houses carp of as much as 33 lbs.

In this lake, you can also experience carp fishing UK with reed beds, islands, margins, and other overhanging trees. Boilies, pellets, corn, bread, and mainline baits are allowed here, which many anglers find convenient.

The Gianna’s Lake

This pleasure lake is 1.5 acres big and can be as deep as 9 ft. It’s the perfect option for pleasure anglers who want to catch carp, skimmers, bream, ide, perch, and tench.

For this lake, natural baits are encouraged like maggots, sweetcorn, worms, and castors. Also, this is the perfect lake to practice float and pole fishing.

And like most of the lakes in Cobbleacre, Gianna’s is surrounded by reed beds, lily pads, and overhanging trees.

The Amy’s Lake

For those looking for competitive angling, the Amy’s Lake is the Match Lake here in Cobbleacre. The 2.5-acre, oval-shaped lake has a depth of up to 15 ft. with hard clay and patches of silt on the bed.

If you want to fish here, you have to secure a day ticket, given that there no matches are ongoing. For those who are interested in booking a match, you should contact Bob on 07879816181.

The Mario’s Lake

The Mario’s Lake is a specimen lake that stretches to 3.5 acres and a depth of up to 13 ft. In this lake, you can catch carp that weighs up to 35 pounds as well as large catfishes of up to 65 pounds.

This is a big lake with a very serene atmosphere for carp fishing UK. Also, you can use just about any bait here as long as it won’t kill the fishes.

However, the Cobbleacre management only allows 10 anglers at a time to fish on Mario’s Lake. Also, you need a fishing ticket to use the lake. Tickets are available for 12 and 24-hour visits that will start between 7 am and 7 pm. Booking ahead is a must if you plan to visit this lake.

Cobbleacre Lakes Details

Location: Cobbleacre Park, Brick Kiln Road, Hevingham, Norfolk
Phone number: 01603 754305
>>Mario’s Lake – £10 for 12-hour day ticket | £15 for overnight (7 pm to 7 am) | £20 for 24-hour
>>Pleasure Lakes (Adam’s, Gianna’s, Amy’s)
Dawn to dusk day ticket – £10
Concession (OAPs, Disabled, Under 15 with a full-paying adult) – £8
Evening ticket – £6
Match ticket – £8
24-hour (for Adam’s only) – £15
>>Fishing Memberships
Season ticket for Gianna’s, Adam’s, & Amy’s – £290
>>Winter ticket for Mario’s – £175

6.      Longleat Fishery, Warminster, Wilts

If you’re in the Wilts area for carp fishing UK, don’t miss the angling experience at Longleat Estate. It’s located near the Center Parcs and enjoys the vibe of Wiltshire countryside. Their five lakes are a spectacle to behold for every angler level:

Top fishing lake – This lake is 7 acres big that serve as a specialist carp fishery where over 300 carp are housed. Each one weighs more than 10 lbs.

Middle fishing lake – The middle lake in Longleat is a 4-acre fishing site that’s heavily stocked with bream and roach, although you can still catch some carp here. This is a perfect choice for pleasure angling.

Bottom fishing lake – This one is rich in carp, crucian, and perch. It’s an excellent choice for beginners to advanced anglers, although seasoned anglers can still find some action here. The best thing about the bottom fishing lake is it has a car park right next to the lake. With that, it’s a perfect choice for disabled visitors and those with walking difficulties.

Shearwater Lake – This is the most popular lake among the five since it offers the finest angling experience in entire Britain. In addition, it stretches to 37 acres surrounded by bushes and trees. Also, Shearwater Lake is perfect for mixed angling for almost any type of freshwater fish.

Little Shearwater – There’s also the so-called Little Shearwater that’s 1.5-acre big and rich in bream, perch, and rudd. It’s a small lake for anglers who are looking for an intimate venue for pleasure fishing. 

Shearwater Longleat Rules

If you’re planning to fish on Longleat lakes, especially on Shearwater, you have to follow these rules:

*You must have a carp care liquid, unhooking mat, or carp cradle if you’re fishing carp.
*Only barbed and micro barbed hooks are allowed and carp sacks and keep nets are prohibited
*Fees will apply the moment that you place a line on the water, regardless if it has a bait/hook or none
*Sea tackle, braided mainline, drones, and nuisance are strictly prohibited
 *Tickets are non-transferrable
*Only small dome tents, bivvies, and umbrellas are allowed
*Tickets will be issued on the bank via Longleat Water Bailiff Nick Robbins
*Junior anglers need to possess a concession rod or junior license

Longleat Details

Location: Longleat, BA12 7NW, Warminster, Wiltshire
>>Day ticket – Adult: £12 | Junior: £6 | Senior: £6
>>Half-day ticket – Adult: £6 | Junior: £4 | Senior: £4
>>24-hour ticket – £24 per person
>>Spectator – £5 per person

7.      Stanwick Lake Fisheries, Stanwick, Wellingborough

The Stanwick Lakes is a massive 750-acre destination for anglers, families, and individuals who want to relax and experience carp fishing UK at its finest. Inside, there are cafés, function space, team building facilities, outdoor theatres, craft courses, and more.

Most of all, inside is the Stanwick Lake Fisheries (not Stanwick Lakes where fishing is prohibited!). It has 6 mature lakes where all anglers are welcome to test the waters.

*Elsons Lake

This 6-acre is where you can catch carp that weighs up to 40 lbs. Also, it’s rich in pike and tench, but you have to book ahead before you can fish here. At Elsons Lake, only 12 anglers are allowed at a time to keep the area pristine.

Also, you need at least a 42” landing net as well as a large unhooking mat. If you don’t have this, you can’t fish at Elsons even if you have a legitimate booking.

At Elsons Lake, you can purchase a £14 day ticket or a £23 24-hour ticket. No concessions are available on this lake, plus you have to pay a £5 deposit for each night that you’ll stay.

*Mallard Lake

This lake has 25 pegs and is officially the second specimen lake in Stackwick Lake Fisheries. There are twenties and thirties present in this lake.

Also, you don’t need to book swims in this tree-lined lake, but you have to get tickets for carp fishing UK .

For 24 hours, you’d pay £20 for up to three rods. Meanwhile, a day ticket for one rod costs £7. It will be £10 if you wish to bring two rods and £13 if you have three. Nevertheless, concessions are available here. Also, there’s a tackle and bait shop near the lake.

*Swan Lake

This 3-acre lake has 30 pegs and is now considered as a runs water due to the middle-sized carps located here. You can catch 8 lbs. to 16 lbs. carp here, but there are 20 and 30-pounders recorded to be swimming in the waters too.

For this lake, a day ticket will cost £7 for one rod, £10 for two, and £13 for three rods. Concessions are also available here as well as a winter ticket for £110. Anyway, there’s no need to book swims in Swan Lake.

This used to be a match lake, but since the carp has grown, competition fishing is no longer available.

*Coot Lake

Coot Lake is the smallest of all the lakes in Stanwick. It has 12 pegs and stocked with various fishes like carp, crucian, rudd, roach, tench, and bream.

The same price applies here and you also don’t have to book swims.

*Car Park Lake

A tad larger than the Coot Lake, the Car Park Lake has 16 pegs and situated near the car park of Stanwick Lake Fisheries. You can literally drive through it, which makes it accessible for disabled visitors and those who have trouble walking.

Car Park Lake is perfect for pleasure fishing and even small matches. Aside from individual fishing, there are double platforms here to cater to two anglers at a time.

Again, the same fees apply here.

*Roman Lake

This 9-acre lake is reserved for syndicated members only and holds the record for the largest carp ever caught in Stanwick lakes: 50 lbs.

Take note that the 2-acre area called The Arm is closed from December to February, which leaves 7 acres open all year round.

Currently, there’s a large carp population here of about 200. If you want to fish here, you have to be approved as a syndicated member. You can send an application here.

Stanwick Lake Fisheries Rules

If you’re heading to Stanwick Lake Fisheries, you should keep the following rules in mind:

*An EA Rod License is required for all members
*An adult should accompany visitors under 14 years of age
*Only barbless hooks are allowed
*Only a maximum of 3 rods can be used per angler
*Moving of fish and fixed leads aren’t allowed
*Carps shouldn’t be retained in keepnets unless during a match
*Disabled anglers will be given priority access to the pegs
*If a competition is ongoing on any of the lakes, other anglers wouldn’t be allowed to fish

8.      Monk Lakes, Marden, Kent

The Monk Lakes is the largest coarse fishing destination in the UK and the second largest in entire Europe. Here, you can explore their 7 mature lakes that range from pleasure lakes to match lakes for the best carp fishing UK. Aside from that, there’s a river where two pools are constructed where fishes flood when it rains. Take note that fishing in the river when not raining is challenging.

Nevertheless, you’ll never run out of space in these 7 lakes:

*Mallard Lake

Mallard Lake is one of the three main lakes in Monk. It’s a 5-acre specimen lake that’s 9 feet deep in some parts. As a large lake, this is for experienced anglers looking to catch carp that weighs up to 45 lbs. In fact, only a few fishes here weigh less than 20 lbs.

Take note that access to the Mallard Lake is limited to 10 anglers at a time with a maximum of three rods each. Also, you have to book your visit due to the limited access to the lake for carp fishing UK.

*Bridges Lake

The second of the three main lakes, Bridges Lake is a 16-acre pleasure lake where anglers of every level can go fishing. Also, this lake is ideal for almost any angling techniques given that it doesn’t violate Monk Lakes rules.

You can find ghost, mirror, and common carp here together with tench, dace, barbell, and bream. The bonus part here is that Bridges Lake is soaked in the picturesque view of Kent and River Beult.

*Puma Lake

The last of the three leading lakes, the Puma Lake is a 10-acre pleasure lake with three islands. It has 30-lbs. carp and a lake bed that will test your angling skills.

When the weather permits, you can drive directly to the lake and park close. This makes it a convenient choice for disabled visitors.

*Match Lakes 1, 2, 3, and 4

The Match Lakes in Monk Lakes are 2.5, 4, 3.5, and 1.5-acre fishing destinations respectively. Also, it has 44, 46, 45, and 29-peg set up in the same order.

These match lakes share the same fish species like carp, tench, barbel, bream, and chub.

If you want a spot close to the car park, Match Lakes 1 and 2 are the most convenient. Take note that since these are match lakes, an appointment is necessary.

Monk Lakes Rules

*Dogs, bait boats, keepnets (except in matches), live bait, spinning, ball games, braided mainline, lead core, and carp sacking are NOT ALLOWED
*BBQs are only allowed starting 6 pm and if raised from the ground
*Only barbless hooks are allowed
*Beans and nuts are allowed only if it’s acquired in Monk Lakes
*A national rod license is required for all anglers
* Non-anglers will still pay a fee
*You can only photograph the fish at mat level

Monk Lake Price Matrix

carp fishing UK

9.      Thorpe Lea Fishery, Egham, Surrey

For those in Surrey, the Thorpe Lea Fishery is not one to be missed. The best part about Thorpe Lea is they don’t have a closed season. In fact, they only take breaks on Christmas Day and Boxing Day so you can fish on their lake 363 days a year.

However, their closing hours change per season so you should check first before getting a ticket and planning your stay. Nevertheless, they always open at 7 am no matter what the season is.

This 18-acre fishing site is a premier day ticket carp fishing UK water located near the M3 and M25 motorways.

Back in 2003, Thorpe Lea was stocked with 2,300 prime carp. Now, 1 in every 3 carp weighs at least 20 lbs. Also, 27 carp here are over 30 lbs. already!

Upon arrival, you’d have to purchase the ticket on their on-site bailiff near the main gate so you can start carp fishing UK.

Aside from fishing, you can also get on-site refreshments here as well as secured parking. Also, there are 60 swims for you to explore which is allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Thorpe Lea Fishery Rules

*Under 18 anglers should be strictly accompanied by an adult (at least 21 years old)
*Rod licenses will be checked to confirm the ages
*Maximum of 2 rods per angler
*Fishes will be photographed on mat level
*Only 1 guest per angler is allowed as long as the said guest is present during the purchase of the ticket
*All nets, mats, and slings will be bio-dipped by the staff upon arrival and departure
*A carp care kit is a must, OLY BARBED HOOKS are allowed
*Only 2 kg of surface bait per angler is permitted and no maggots should be used. Only boilies and carp pellets are allowed.
*Bait boats are prohibited

Thorpe Lea Fishery Details

Location: Thorpe Lea Fishery, Thorpe Lea Road, Thorpe, Egham, Surrey
>>Adult – £12
>>Junior – £9
>>OAP – £9
>>24-hour ticket – £24

10.  Baden Hall Fishery, Staffordshire

Just a short drive from the Stoke-on-Trent, the Baden Hall is a Staffordshire-based fishery boasting 11 pools where you can catch a variety of fishes. They also take pride in their 50-lbs. carp that you can’t find on any other fishery in England.

And if you’re feeling hungry, you can drop by their new café open during Fridays, weekends, and bank holidays. There’s also a tackle shop inside in case you forgot some fishing supplies.

The so-called pools are divided into three categories: Specimen Waters, Runs Waters, and Pleasure & Match Waters.

*Specimen Waters

The Specimen Waters include The Quarry, The Lodge, and Glovers. Take note that in all specimen lakes, guests aren’t allowed. Also, they will lock the gates at 5 pm in winter and 6 pm during summer.

The Quarry Pool is 12-acre water with 18 pegs and individual fishing cabins.

Meanwhile, the Bridge Pool is 8 acres with 10 pegs on the same bank. However, the peg 8 has an opposite peg (8b) at the opposite bank. They also allow bait boats here, but you should respect other anglers in the process.

The last one is the Glovers. This just opened in 2015 for fishing where you can catch 40+ lb. carp. It’s a 6-acre lake with 8 pegs, the smallest of the three specimen waters.

*Runs Waters

The Runs Waters is composed of the Middle Pool, Lodge Pool, and Dam Pool.

First off, the Middle Pool has 100s of carp on its 8-acre stretch and clay bottom. It has 67 pegs with Bivvy staging areas.

Next, the Lodge Pool is the newest opening in Baden Hall near the main gate. It’s a 4-acre pool with 30 pegs and a clay bottom.

The last among the runs waters is the Dam Pool. It’s the home of low doubles and twenties, stretching to 3.5 acres. It has 20 pegs and you have to be quiet not to disturb the carp that comes near.

*Pleasure and Match Waters

For this section, you’ll find the Canals, Doughnut, Duck Pond, Mallards, and Pintail.

The Canals is great for all angler levels for carp fishing UK. It’s a man-made canal with 29 pegs and is 14 meters wide.

Next, the Doughnut is a circular canal with an island in the centre. This is small, 5-meter water with 26 pegs.

Meanwhile, the Duck Pond stretches to a maximum of 3 acres with 15 pegs. It has a challenging surrounding perfect for carp fishing UK matches.

The Mallards, on the other hand, is a 25-peg, oval-shaped match water that has a 14-meter canal base.

Lastly, the Pintail is a 14-meter wide pleasure and match water perfect for seasoned anglers. It has 15 pegs with an idyllic surrounding.

Baden Hall Fishery Rules

carp fishing UK

Baden Halls Fishery Details

Location: Eccleshall, Stafford, ST21 6LG

Baden Halls Price Matrix

Final Words

Carp fishing UK has had a lot of fun fishing in these venues. From all over Britain, these lakes will let you catch carp of various sizes. If you are looking for a hard secret lake then these may not be for you. These lakes are great to put a bend in the rod though!

However, you should note that each fishery has its rules and regulations. Also, booking might be needed before you can head out fishing.

Abiding by the rules of the fishery ensures a hassle-free carp fishing UK experience.

So if you’re planning for your next fishing weekend, make sure that you consider these 10 places. Do you like Alderwood Ponds? How about the Lathom Fisheries? Let us know below in the comment section!