Carp Fishing South Wales: My 5 Favorite Lakes

Aside from its lush valleys and hill ranges, South Wales is also a paradise for anglers. I’ve been to Wales once, and it has been a joy to spend such a prolific fishing holiday in this wonderful country. If you’re planning to get out of England for a fishing holiday, I listed and discussed five of the best lakes you can visit on your carp fishing South Wales adventure.

1. Cefn Mably Lakes

carp fishing South Wales

Situated at the heart of Cardiff is the Cefn Mably Lakes. This is a fishing complex planked by Cardiff and Newport, which you can access through the M4.

Overall, there are eight lakes inside this fishery, which is divided into four coarse lakes, three specimen carp lakes, and a Spring Lake. If you didn’t bring your tackle during your South Wales holiday, you could get your supplies at the Cardiff Angling Centre inside the fishery. There’s also an on-site café where you can grab some breakfast and snacks during your stay.

The Cefn Mable Lakes has a stunning landscape that every angler will fall in love with. Each lake is surrounded by lush foliage and sweeping waters.

For carp fishing, they have three lakes: the Lodge Lake, Horseshoe Lake, and Carp Pond. Here’s what to expect:

✔️ Lodge Lake. This lake is less than 5 acres that house 12 spacious swims. This has carp stock of 20s and a lot of 30s. For this lake, you’re only allowed to carry two rods, and no rods will be left unattended. You’re allowed to bring alcohol, but anyone who gets intoxicated will be escorted out.

✔️ Horseshoe Lake. This lake has eight pegs with gravel paths linking each one. Each pegs are designed to fit bivvy for a muck-free experience. If you are to fish in this lake, you must keep the gates closed all the time. Also, bait boats and nuts are NOT allowed.

✔️ Carp Pond. The Carp Pound is a 1.5-acre fishing spot that’s been in place for more than 25 years now. This is a gated pond, and only those who are authorized will receive a key code. Similar to Horseshoe Lake, you must not use nuts and bait boats.

Lodge Lake: £24 for 24 hours
Horseshoe Lake: £12 for day tickets; £22 for 24 hours
Carp Pond: £11 or day tickets; £22 for 24 hours

2. White Springs Coarse Fishery

Another popular carp fishing spot in South Wales is the White Springs Coarse Fishery in Garnswllt Road in Pontardulais, Swansea. Their lakes are filled to the brim with grass carp, mirror carp, and common carp. With over 30 years of being in the business, White Springs has been a must-visit for every angler in South Wales.

They have five lakes here: the Specimen Lake, Big Pit, Pleasure Lake, New Match Lake, and Canal Lake. Here’s a quick look at each one:

✔️Specimen Lake. This is a 9.5-acre lake with large carp of around 40 lbs. The bailiffs are always around and ready to give advice on how to get the best catch. Overall, this lake is suitable for every angler, regardless of skill level.

✔️Big Pit. This one is actually two lakes that have been joined together to form one big lake complex. It’s named as the Big Pit because of its ranging depth of 8 feet on one side and 18 feet on the other.

✔️Pleasure Lake. This is a multi-pegged lake that’s big enough to house up to 30 anglers at a time. It also has a redesigned bank that allows easier and better fishing environments.

✔️New Match Lake. This is a 26-peg lake stocked with carp, chub, and perch. It’s a convenient choice because there’s a car parking right next to the swim.

✔️Canal Lake. This lake has multiple pegs and islands with lots of iris lilies along the margins. You can catch carp here as well as other coarse fishes like barbel, golden orfe, and roach.

Aside from the lakes, White Springs also offers lakeside Scandinavian log cabins that you can rent if you’re planning an overnight stay or fishing holiday.

All lakes, except the Big Pit:
£8.50 for day tickets (non-members)
£5.50 for day tickets (members)

Big Pit:
£11 for day tickets (non-members)
£8.50 for day tickets (members)

Lakeside log cabins:
£20 per night

3. Springwater Lakes

carp fishing South Wales

Springwater Lakes is located in Llanwrda in Carmarthenshire. It’s a known camping and caravan site with on-site fishing lakes. You can book a fishing holiday here to catch carp that are as large as 35 lbs.!

Springwater has three lakes: the Fly Fishing Lake, Coarse Fishing Lake, and Specimen Fishing Lake. Only the Coarse Fishing and Specimen Lake has carp stocks.


✔️Coarse Fishing Lake. The Coarse Fishing Lake is 3-acre water with depths ranging from 3 to 8 feet. It’s teeming with common, mirror, and crucian carp. It also has a stock of perch, rudd, tench, and other freshwater fishes.

✔️Specimen Fishing Lake. This is another 3-acre lake with depths of up to 12 feet. It’s rich in common and mirror carp that grow as big as 35 lbs. this is a mature lake so expect irregular shape and unique underwater topography.

You can also avail of fishing lessons if you’re still getting started to angling. Even if you don’t your fishing tackle with you, you can always rent or buy some on the tackle shop on-site.

Keep in mind that keepnets are not allowed on any of the lakes. Also, you should get a ticket before setting up your gear.

If you’re planning a fishing holiday, you can rent a caravan from the park. Take note that the prices of caravan rental changes, depending on if it’s the peak or off-season. You can rent for a week or just 2 nights if you’re only spending the weekend. But if you don’t have the extra budget, you can rent a tent and pay for the pitch ground instead.

Fly Fishing Lake: £14 for day catch and release
Coarse Fishing Lake: £5 for resident day tickets
Specimen Lake: £ for resident day tickets
Caravan weekly rental: £230 during off-season; £395 during peak season
Caravan 2-night rental: £120 during off-season; £160 peak season

4. Hazelcourt Ponds

The Hazelcourt Ponds is situated in Vale of Glamorgan. It has a very quiet location, which is a great spot for fishing holidays with the family. They also have five lakes to choose from, where you can catch carp, tench, rudd, bream, chub, and hybrids, among others.

Their five lakes are the Catfish Lake, Reed Lake, Pleasure Lake, Specimen Lake, and Jim’s Pond. All of these lakes are stocked with carp of as large as 25 lbs. The good thing about the Hazelcourt lakes is that they have accessible banks, even for disabled anglers. There’s also enough room for the longest pole.

The place is spacious, with enough parking slots and toilet facilities. You can also enjoy some tea and coffee in a small café inside the fishery. If you run out of baits, you can get some since there’s a selection available inside.

To fish here, you need an Environment Agency Licence. Also, the ponds don’t take any responsibility to any damaged or stolen equipment as well as injuries that may occur within the lakes.

While carp fishing, you’re not allowed to use fixed rigs or snag leaders. You should also use an unhooking mat all the time. You’re also required to report all the specimen fish you caught for monitoring purposes. If you’re with a 16-year-old, the minor should be accompanied and supervised at all times.

Remember that the Hazelcourt Ponds is strict with their rules. You’re allowed to stay overnight, but you can’t enter once the gates are locked. Also, you can exclusively reserve the Catfish Lake for 24 hours with a maximum of 6 anglers.

All lakes except Catfish Lake: £8 for day tickets
Catfish Lake: £10 for day tickets
Catfish exclusive hire: £95 for 24 hours

5. Sylen Lakes Fishery

Lastly, you should visit the Sylen Lakes Fishery in Five Roads, Llanelli. This place has a 4-acre lake that’s well-stocked with coarse fishes like common carp, mirror carp, ghost carp, bream, and tench. They are the perfect fishery for specimen hunters, match men, and pleasure anglers who just want to relax and enjoy.

The main lake here has an irregular shape with an island as well as various gullies. It’s vibrant with marine life and fish activity to the delight of every angler. The Sylen Lake is also friendly to almost every fishing methods and skill level.

Aside from day ticket fishing, this fishery also hosts match bookings from various angling clubs. They also host a Winter League where you can join in as well.

Moreover, the lake has ample parking and toilets surrounding the area. There’s also a self-service payment cabin and disabled pegs for your convenience. If you feel parched, you can get some cold drinks at the cabin’s vending machine. It’s also stocked with mixer dog biscuits.

As for fishing rules, the Sylen Lakes Fishery doesn’t allow anglers to hold the fishes higher than 12 inches from the ground when taking photographs. Also, all guests under 14 must be accompanied by adults all the time.

Anglers must possess a valid EA rod licence before they can fish here. Barbless hooks and landing nets are required and must be used at all times. And just like with the Hazelcourt Ponds rules, Sylen Lakes isn’t responsible for any injury, equipment damage, or lost possessions inside the fishery.

So far, Sylen Lakes Fishery is a day ticket fishing spot. If you’re keen to stay overnight or reserve the lake exclusively, you must call them to make the arrangements. Still, there’s no guarantee that the fishery will allow such extended stays.

£8 for adult day tickets
£5 for junior day tickets (those under 12 years old)


Carp fishing South Wales should be included in every angler’s dream destination. The south is home to dozens of fisheries that offer a unique fishing experience. From day ticket fishing to extended fishing holidays, you will surely find a great spot here.

What do you think of these carp lakes in South Wales? Let me know below!

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