Basic Carp Fishing Rigs – Guide for Beginners 2020

Carp fishing is actually enjoyable and fun especially if you have all the fishing gear with you on the perfect fishing spot. However, you also need to equip yourself with the knowledge on how to start the carp fishing using the basic carp rigs. If you’re one of those novice anglers that want to have good carp catch, then you landed on the right track.

As we go along, we will share here the list of the important fishing equipment that you need when you engage yourself in carp fishing. Moreover, we also have here some helpful tips on how to set up the required fishing gear for beginners. Just check them out below!

Carp Fishing Equipment for Beginners

When it is your first time to do carp fishing, initially, you must need to have all the required carp fishing equipment. Aside from that, you must also have an idea on how to set up that equipment. Keep in mind that a proper way to setup the basic carp rigs may lead to successful carp fishing.

Below is the list of carp fishing equipment needed by beginners and even by professional anglers. The ways on how to set up the basic carp rigs and carp fishing equipment are also discussed below:


Along with the basic carp rigs, the rods generally starts on a 2x or 3x rod carp setup. Actually, you can still incorporate additional carp rod on top of the 2x rod setup. However, doing so may necessitates you to have another set of equipment like the reel, bite alarm, and bank sticks.

However, most beginners basically get a rod carp set of at least 12 ft which has a 2.75 lb test curve. Aside from the basic carp rigs, this rod carp fishing gear will still allow the casting on a distance. Moreover, beginners may also enjoy carp playing at the same time.

Ways for rod setup for beginners
  1. Over the reel seat, generally, line up the reel and tighten it in an appropriate position.
  2. Moreover, bring together the 6 ft sections of the rod; just ensure that all of the eyes of the rod are line with each other.
  3. Using all of the rod’s eyes, thread the mainline ensuring that nothing is missed or twisted on the rod.
  4. Finally, tie the terminal tackle into the end.


Generally, the lake size will help you to determine the type of reel you will be using. Smaller lakes basically require bait runner reels. It usually contains smaller spool and a drag system made of bait runner located at the rear of the reel.

On the other hand, big pit reels are advisable over large water areas. Big out reels actually have large spool and drag system in the front side.

Ways for reel setup for beginners
  1. Initially, position the reel foot to have a sit flush on the reel seat.
  2. Generally, slide the top portion of the end reel foot towards the reel seat.
  3. Finally, tighten the reel seat together with the base part on the rod.

Fishing line

As a beginner, you must need to take note that casting well requires a good quality line in addition to the proper way of basic carp rigs setup. Moreover, a line fishing setup should have sufficient stretch to catch fish and resist any snags over the lake. Again, like the reels, the lake where you will be fishing will generally determine your catch. In case the lake has lots of snags such as weeds and rocks, a fishing line of about 15 lb breaking strain is the best one to use.

Ways for line fishing setup for beginners
  1. Initially, setup the reel over the rod.
  2. Using the butt eye of the rod, thread the mainline.
  3. Moreover, with an Arbor knot, tie this to the spool and seal the bail arm over the reel.
  4. Through a bucket of water, line up the spool and reel the line using a damp cloth. 

Bite alarms

Bite alarms are basically helpful in getting information about the bite indication of the carp. Aside from that, the bite alarms are also helpful in the registration of those bite indication. Usually, aside from the positioning of the basic carp rigs, the rod lays over the bite alarm. So, once there is pulling over the line through the alarm, it sends a signal and will light up.

There may also come a time that carp can bite over the bait and move on to your direction. With this, you will generally have a drop back and necessitates you to have a bobbin so that the type of bite will be indicated. Again, the 2-rod carp setup will demand 2x bite alarms despite of the basic carp rigs. 

Buzzbar or Rod pod

Registration of the bite to the rods still needs some carp fishing accessories to be attached over the bank sticks. However, using the buzz bar, you can generally fish over but you need again two bank sticks for a two-rod carp in addition to the basic carp rigs. Meanwhile, a rod pod basically comes as one complete carp fishing equipment which doesn’t need for any bank sticks in addition to the basic carp rigs.


Bobbins are also known as the bite indicators and its main function is to display the action of the carp once they get hooked. The moment the carp is hooked or swim away, it is the time that the bobbin will pull over the alarm. In case there is no more movement happening, this will be registered under the line bite.


The net usually comes in various shapes and sizes. For beginners, it is highly suggested to use a triangular one with a size of 42″, This is especially helpful if the net does not have a net float on it.

Ways to net a carp fish for beginners
  1. Initially, lay the net on an appropriate position that can be easily grabbed by the hand having the reel.
  2. Provide a sufficient line to level on the rod so that gliding the carp on the top of the net cord would be available in case the carp is ready for the netting.

Unhooking mat and Weigh scales

Generally, the unhooking mat and weighing scales are needed after you have already netted a carp. You basically need these so that the carp can be placed into the bank safely. Just ensure to provide a safe environment to the carp by making the unhooking mats and weighing slings wet.

In case all of these are ready, it is already time to break the net over the water edge. Moreover, it is also helpful to check on the carp’s fins if they are flushing against the carp. If so, you can roll down the net and transfer it back to the unhooking mat in a safe manner.

Carp Care Box

Once you already catch the carp, it is also essential to take care of them which can be done properly through the use of carp care box or kit. There is available carp care box in the market which allow you to treat carps wounds over there mouth that usually resulted from the hook. Aside from that, damages from all over the carps’ body through spawning or rubbing over snags can be treated. Primarily, having the carp on the bank already necessitates the checking of their wounds and cuts.

Carp fishing chair

basic carp rigs

Basically, the next thing to do after getting to know the perfect spot for carp fishing is to make ready the carp fishing chair. This will let anglers to have some rest. Others find it comfortable to rest in over the unhooking mat. Moreover, others make use of bait buckets in case the carp fishing chair is not available.


In order to have a good catch of carp, the best thing that you need to have is carp bait over the hook which is generally attached to the basic carp rigs. A good start would be some boilies whether it come in bags or pop up. Generally, most carp have seen boilies as great bait and they actually love them. Basically, you need to know the ways of tying the basic carp rigs in order to fish a boilie. 

Moreover, for beginners, it is actually good to use bottom baits to carp boilie. In case, you are fishing lakes, trying pop-ups is a good idea due to unclean lake bottom. Another good bait options for beginners include hemp, sweetcorn, and tiger nuts.

Catapult, spomb or throwing stick

Actually, using of throwing stick is important if the fishing spot you are into is out of the catapult. Generally, a throwing stick is important so that you can have some boilies from the spot. In case, you decided to place on some particle, a spomb is highly needed. The moment the spomb hits the water, the particle will be released over the spot. 

Terminal tackle

Generally, in terms of carp fishing, the terminal tackle entails the coverage of basic carp rigs to the leads. In order to protect the terminal tackle, you just need to make basic carp rigs using the hooks, swivel and hook length material. Moreover, a lead clip system and tail rubbers are also needed. It is actually better to pre-tie the basic carp rigs prior to your fishing activity so that you won’t waste your time in the bank through tying.


You also need to have with you a brolly for your carp fishing over the day. Basically, a brolly is an easy and fast carp fishing equipment. It primarily keeps you out over the rain so that the fishing gear maintains its dryness. Moreover, checking the weather condition prior to fishing may also help you to determine if you need to bring a brolly or not.

Fishing Barrow

Actually, when you go fishing, you don’t want to waste your time taking the fishing gear from the car to the bank. With this, the fishing barrow is actually a great help on this matter as it can take those fishing gear in one trip. Aside from that, the fishing barrow may also help to move swim in case you found the carp somewhere.

Tip for fishing barrow setup
  • By strapping the fishing gear over the barrow through the use of a bungee cord. This action will generally keep the fishing gear in place within the fishing barrow so that it won’t fall off while walking in the lake.

Step-by-step Guide for Basic Carp Rigs Setup

Now that you know all the equipment needed that you need to prepare for your carp fishing activity, below is an overall basic carp rigs setup. This will generally give you an idea on how to set up and take your hook over the water.

basic carp rigs

Load the reel with the line

Generally, the ideal breaking strain of line is between 12 lbs to 20 lbs. Always keep this in mind while making the basic carp rigs.

Tie the basic carp rigs

The basic carp rigs can actually be used even if it is not tied. But tying the basic carp rigs comes down into lots of options and generally a cost-effective one. Likewise, you can also have the choice of buying pre-tied rigs if you want.

Attach the basic carp rigs into the line

Basically, a swivel is highly needed when you have to attach the basic carp rigs into the mainline.

Set up a lead clip system

Through the use of a lead clip system, you can generally cast and prevent tangles. Basically, attach your preferred boilie into the basic carp rigs. Finally, you are ready to have good carp fishing.

Final Thoughts

Proper way of tying the basic carp rigs is generally helpful for novice anglers in having a good carp catch. Initially, you must have to prepare all the necessary fishing gear that you need. Once you already prepared all of this equipment with you on your selected fishing spot, following the proper way to set up your carp fishing gear is highly important. Just make sure that you understand the process so that you can have great carp fishing experience.