Best Weather for Carp Fishing – When to Fish 2020?

Carp fishing is a good water activity in almost all time of the year. Yet, knowing the particular time of the day when carp are really active is the thing to consider. In fact, carp generally feeds during all hours of the day. However, every single season and weather condition entails the best weather for carp fishing. 

How can time affect the movement of carp within the water column?

Generally, the movement of carp up and down the water column on a particular day is actually unpredictable. There are actually times that you may find them at the bottom of the water during the morning when the water temperature is cool for them to feed. Once it is an early afternoon, the carp will then hang out in the sun over the surface.

However, there will come a time that this carp feeding activity is exactly the opposite. They tend to feed on the bottom part of the water at an early afternoon instead of on the water surface. Moreover, later within the day, as the sunset is coming, the carp will rise on the surface and look for insects until the sunset.

Actually, the best way to find it out is through observation. It is really easy to detect a carp gearing the surface or rolling deep down. Yet, it is harder to find or nearly impossible to spot them if the mud is kicked up by a feeding carp on the water column bottom.

Also, another option of finding out feeding carp on the water bottom is through the presence of bubble trails in a particular spot. Take note that you can still utilize the bottom methods on catching carp even if they are found feeding over the water surface. This applies true on a shallow bays fishing because carp on the water surface can still able to smell and find bait at the water column bottom.

What is the effect of the weather on carp fishing?

The environment and the weather conditions are the two most important factors that can generally give a considerable impact on carp fishing regardless of its kind. Most carp fishers do so many tricks to have an unforgettable carp fishing experience. If you ignore the weather for your carp fishing, you may miss the chance of having an excellent carp catch. Below are some of the aspects of weather that can generally affect the best weather for carp fishing.

Air Pressure

When it comes to carp fishing, air pressure is highly crucial, especially in the winter season. The high pressure of the air is clearer and colder making it excellent to take great lake images and not carp fishing anyway. Meanwhile, a cloudy, wet, and warmer surrounding is due to the low air pressure. That’s why the best weather for carp fishing is on the low point of air pressure. 

However, it is still possible to get some carp when the air pressure is high. But, keep in mind to make an adjustment with the fishing tool that you will be using. It is highly recommendable to opt for small PVA bags and Zigs once you go for carp fishing during a high air pressure. 


When you carp fish based on the water depths, the help of the rain is highly relevant. But, during the winter and fishers tend to fish on deeper waters, the rain will not generally affect the fish at any sense unless the rain is sustained. Moreover, since it’s raining, the carp will more likely to seek warmer waters because the temperature drops quickly. 

best time for carp fishing


Generally, the temperature of the water and the air is highly at a different level which should be taken with much consideration. Actually, water temperature needs much more elements to match the air temperature. But, anglers know the proper way in considering air pressure and temperatures from the previous days. 

Generally, cold weather is not the best time for carp fishing, especially on the shore. This is basically due to the fact that a high volume of water is colder over the water edge rather than on the shallow bays.


When you think it is the best weather for carp fishing, one essential factor to consider is checking the wind’s direction. The northern and eastern wind give off colder winds while the warmer ones blow from the western and southern part. Keep in mind that carp usually goes on areas that are warmer so it is better to locate spots protected from the wind when the easterly blow is strong.

Moon phase

The phases of the moon include the New Moon, Full Moon, First Quarter Moon, and the Last Quarter Moon. These phases determine the location of the moon based on the positioning of the earth and the sun. An experienced angler highly knows how these phases give impact on the best weather for carp fishing.

Generally, the gravitational pull has something to do with the phases of the moon. Actually, the best weather for carp fishing is two days before and after the moon’s phase. This is due to the reason that the gravitational pull of the earth offers the most energizing impact on the carp. These factors have a great impact on the ability and on the best weather for carp fishing. 

Also, please take note to maintain on a 2 hours schedule just prior to the rising of the moon and 2 hours before it settles down. Keep in mind that the settling down and rising of the moon is a little bit different from that of the sun. That’s why it is better to schedule the carp fishing schedule based on the moon and not on the sun. This will generally give a better carp fishing experience. 

What is the best weather for carp fishing?

Generally, the carp have the ability to feed all hours within the day. But is there really the best weather for carp fishing if this is the case? Actually, carp seem to prefer feeding during the late afternoon and in the night on spring and summer season. 

While during winter, carp actually feed in the midday. However, in case the water is too cold for the carp during the winter, nighttime may not be the best time for carp fishing on this season. Yet, there is a specific time of the year when carp become most active during the night. 

In summer, you may find that carp feed frequently at nighttime. Moreover, the best time for carp fishing during summer is in the early afternoon and in the morning. But, in terms of nighttime carp fishing, you can also catch them in late spring and early fall. Yet, this nighttime fishing for carp is not applicable in winter.

Best time for carp fishing during the Spring Season

Usually, during the spring season, the water warms up at various times. It is during the start of the season when the carp are active in the mid-afternoon due to warming up of water. Moreover, the water also warms up in the middle and late spring. It is actually best to catch carp during the early morning and late afternoon at these stage of the spring season.

The spring season is actually the best weather of carp fishing in a year because it is the moment when carp are moving from the winter towards the shallow waters. Typically, when you fish for carp in the springtime, the first carp catch on the beginning of the spring will be the big ones. On the other hand, smaller carp will get out of the winter water to go in the bays of the shallow water to feed aggressively. As the spring season continues, the carp will continue to feed at all times when the end of spring is reaching.

Best time for carp fishing during the Summer

Carp will generally be caught at all times during summer because of the warm water that encourages their feeding activity. But, the best time for carp fishing during summer is at nighttime. Generally, the carp enjoy the warm water and the great source of food to dine when the dark comes in. 

best time for carp fishing

Moreover, prior to sunset an early morning or late evening can be a great catch. Meanwhile, carp enjoy rolling at the nearby shore at midday hours of summer. Basking in the hot is also an exciting activity for the carp which makes floating boilies or even a bread a great bait.

Carp Fishing Tips during Summer

Here are some helpful tips on how to have a great carp catch in summer:

Scout for anything and everything

Generally, scouting is the best way to do with carp fishing. More anglers want to look for the best carp spots. Additionally, scouting,no matter what is the best weather for carp fishing is, it is highly essential to have a great carp catch. 

Usually, during the summer heat, there are tons of carp that work their way towards the water surface. Moreover, you could take this step on the next level. In fact, most of the anglers are utilizing underwater cameras in looking for those carp fishes.

Consider the weeds and margins

One of the carp fishing spots during the best weather for carp fishing is through the margins and keeping in the weeds. Generally, their function is to serve as natural food and offer cover thus allowing the carp to stay cool. These weedy spots and margin give off a sufficient amount of sunlight. 

Looking after the carp

Looking for carp and stalking after them is applicable any time. Moreover, most of the anglers believe that the best time for carp fishing is during the early morning and early evenings. Since it is stalking, the key point here is not to put any rods or bait over the water.

Yet, the main concern is that carp fishing without any bait is not allowable in most fishing sites. The next is that it is actually annoying and somehow rude. Moreover, to simply stalk for carp, just go over a few laps in the water. But, doing this on a river may either limit the stalking or you might get entirely tired of doing so.

Closely check for the presence of bubbles, shadows or fins under the water. Moreover, bear in mind that in terms of stalking carp, underestimating their intelligence is not a thing. That’s why it is highly important not to drop any hook baits immediately on the carp. In case you do not see any signs of the carp’s presence, dropping baits on lily pads or margins of weeds is the next best thing to do to come up on the next strategy.

Fight the heat on

Carp fishing on hot weather is really unpleasant. You must need to have the right attitude to face the struggle when you have got nothing despite all the sweating and effort that you give on the best weather for carp fishing. Most importantly, you must have the willingness to try and learn on getting a better output on your carp fishing experience. Stay cool by wearing proper fishing gear to fight the heat. Moreover, plan a good game that you will be going to implement into the day. 

Incorporate additional oils

To attract more carp on the bait, incorporating extra oils over the baits is the best method. You can put some hemp oil or your favorite bait on top of PVC bags. Afterwards, locate for the best spot to catch a great carp for the day. 

For every, 12 to 18 inch of an area, cast into it every time. In case you are putting on some extras, you just have to guarantee that you are hitting the mark over again. Moreover, always bear in mind that this kind of summer heat may tend the carp to be slow and lethargic. Due to this, they may not able to make enough feeding movement. 

Also consider the surface fishing

Generally, this would be based on the body of water where you will do your carp fishing. Fishing on a less deep lake or small bodies of water may lead to advantageous surface carp fishing.

Best time for carp fishing during Fall

When the fall season comes in until its mid-season, the best time for carp fishing would be in the early morning and late afternoon. Yet, as the season is gearing towards winter, the best time for carp fishing is on the midday. During the fall season, you may found out that carp tend to like the cooler temperatures during the morning and evening. Actually, it is at this moment when a bunch of prey are really abundant.

In the last part of the season, the carp start to think of winter and begin in marching out into the deep water. Typically, the deep water is the warmest part of the lake and the carp will head on it as the temperatures plummet. Once the carp are on the deep water, they actually feed most of the time during the heat of the midday.

Best time for carp fishing during Winter

It is also during the midday when you will find the best time for carp fishing on the winter season. This is the time when the temperatures of the water are very warm. Yet, keep in mind that the feeding activity of the carp during the winter season generally slows down. Because of this, the carp fishing during winter is all about selecting the proper location and does not highly depend on the best weather for carp fishing.

So, to be able to have a great carp catch during winter, check for warm water areas such as the holes within river mouths or reservoir fingers. Moreover, shallow bays are also great location to find carp due to the water temperature warming by the winter sun. The best weather for carp fishing on winter season is ideally when there is enough southwest wind blowing. This can generally make finding the carp on a particular lake spot a little bit easier. 

Final Thoughts

Generally, the best weather for carp fishing can be done all times, temperatures of the day, and season og the year. However, keep in mind that during winter, catching carp at night is not actually advisable, so do go for it even if you want to. During summer, this nighttime fishing will basically give you a great carp catch.

Moreover, also keep in mind that carp fishing may also need to consider the location and bodies of water where will be fishing. Having all of these in mind may generally let you experience the best carp that you deserve.