What Size Hook For 20lb Carp

When it comes to Carp fishing, what size hook for 20lb carp is an extremely common question, it’s also a very important one! The general rule is the bigger the fish you’re targeting the bigger the hook but you also want to use smaller hooks to be discreet.

Your hook bait will also play a massive part when choosing your hook size. You wouldn’t, for instance, use a size 4 hook with a 10mm boilie.

So what size hook for 20lb carp you ask…

The perfect hook size for a 20lb carp would be 6-10. This allows you to remain discreet whilst also using a decent size bait for the lake you are fishing.

You have to weigh up the pros and cons of the sizes, a size 6 would get a better hook hold however you would probably have more success bite wise from a size 10 hook.

What Size Bait And What Size Hook For 20lb Carp?

Here we will show you the bait size that can be used against your hook size. These would be perfect setups for catching carp 20lb and above.

What’s The Best Hook Size For Bottom Bait

With bottom baits, the hook can land on the deck and be on show so you have to use the right hooks to match your bait. We advise the following hooks to boilie size.

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What Size Hook For 20lb Carp Using Pop-ups

You can get away with bigger hooks on popups because the hook is hidden under the boilie and functions in a different way. We personally fish pop-ups as below…

For pop-ups, I always advise a chod like a rig and chod hooks. The beauty for the chod is that no matter where you land you should be presenting a bait no matter what’s on the bottom.

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How do I catch a 20lb carp?

  • The first step to catching a 20lb carp is finding a lake with 20lb carp in, this shouldn’t be too difficult. Most day ticket waters have 20lb carp in nowadays. You can find local lakes online via Google, most day ticket waters have websites with information on their carp stock.
  • Choose your rig wisely, find out from the website if the water is weedy or clear. This can help you decide whether to fish a popup off the bottom or use a bottom bait.
  • Check the weather, we have found that on hot sunny days carp tend to sit in the shallower water whereas in the winter they hold up in deep water.
  • Choose the right bait for the water, day tickets normally have a bait that works better than others. This may well be advertised on the website but if not, speak to the owner and they will be more than happy to advise you.
  • Make sure you have everything to land your fish safely! Landing net, landing mat & forceps are must-haves on most lakes nowadays. Always read the rules of the lake before turning up and make sure you follow them.

What are some simple carp rigs for catching 20lb carp?

My personal favourite rig for catching carp over 20lb is the chod rig, this is probably a confidence thing but most of my fish over 20lb have been caught on the chod. I have however mainly fished weedy lakes over the last few years.

Other rigs that I have seen people having success with are the Ronnie Rig, KD Rig and the basic bottom bait rig. You can learn these rigs from the videos below…

How to Tie the Chod Rig

The Chod Rig is a perfect rig for catching 20lb+ carp, it’s mainly used in weedy waters or on waters where there is a lot of stuff on the bottom. It can also be a lethal method whilst fishing in soft silt.

The chod fished on a helicopter system either naked or on a leader is great on Silt as the chod can sit further up the line away from the weight, therefore, your rig isn’t being pulled into the silt.

In this video AnglingDirectUK shows us Chod Rigs and Chod Fishing For Beginners:

How to Tie the Ronnie Rig

The Ronnie Rig is perfect for those waters where you can get the bait down on the deck near snags or weed. If I know there are clear spots this would be used over the chod rig.

One of my closest friends has used the Ronnie Rig to great effect and was actually top rod on his syndicate doing so. The lake was very ready but he found is spots and set the rig perfectly.

Get some PVA foam on the hook to make sure your hook isn’t catching on any weed or debris on the way down!

Daniel Gover

This video provided by Garner Tackle TV shows how to tie the perfect Ronnie Rig:

How To Tie The KD Rig

The KD Rig is used by many carp fisherman to great effect, it’s not a rig I personally use but it’s definitely one to consider. I have heard and seen many decent catches from people using the rig.

Here is a great video from AnglingDirectTV on the KD Rig:

How Can I Catch More Carp?

The best way to increase your catch rate is by practising and research. It took us years to perfect the way we fish and we aren’t professionals. Keep learning and trying new things. If you find a way that works for you, use that on two rods and use your third rod as an experiment until you master the technique.

We have so much information readily available online now, you can find anything you need. But here are our personal tips for catching more carp.

Perfect Your Rigs Then Perfect Them Again

There is nothing more important than presenting a decent rig, you could be they greatest distance caster in the world but if your rig sucks then you aren’t going to catch fish. Keep tieing them up until you have perfected them.

Find Confidence In Your Bait

I have seen so many anglers swapping bait every week, this doesn’t help your chances. The fish may not have taken your hook but that does not mean they haven’t eaten your loose bait.

I have now used the same bait for over 4 years, I am that confident in it! This also gives me an advantage, every time I put bait in the lake they are getting the same bait. This means that gradually they will get used to that bait and be very confident on it.

This has certainly helped me catch more carp over the years!

Find a bait and be confident in it, continue to use it for every session!

Carp Fishing UK Team

Use The Best End Tackle, No Matter What!

I have tried using different end tackle over the years and some of it has been damn right useless. They make the rigs look ugly and stick out like a sore thumb when in the water.

Stick to the top brands, although they cost more, they cost more for a reason. I have had hook pulls from cheap hooks and now won’t use anything else other than Korda Kamakura.

They are the sharpest and strongest hooks I have ever used, If you lose a fish on one of these hooks then, in my opinion, you would have lost it on any other hook too.

Use the best you can afford, you will thank yourself when you land the next fish!

What Is The Best Carp Fishing Rig For Weedy Waters?

There is no doubt in my mind that the best rig for fishing in and around weed is the Chod Rig, as I mentioned before! I’ll explain why now in a bit more depth…

Imagine you cast out towards some weed that you can see just below the surface. You think it’s a perfect cast as you landed just before the weed… this is already a mistake! You need to know where you have just cast too.

Just because you can see weed further out this does not mean there is isn’t any weed where you have cast too. Unless you can see the bottom it is best to get a lead on and have a feel about, see what you can feel on the bottom or if you pull in any weed.

Heres a video explaining this in more detail from LEON BARTROPP CARPER:

As you can see Leon advises a different rig to the chod in the name of the multi-rig, we all have a different opinion and it’s best to find what works for you. I think what we can all agree on is that a pop-up rig will definitely be best.

But Why Are You So Adamant On The Chod Rig?

My thoughts are that with the chod you can set your top bead as far up the line as you like, this allows your chod to be as far away from the weight as possible.

This is good because when your weight hits the water it will go down with some speed but the chod will be way behind it, allowing it to drift down slowly (especially if you add some PVA foam).

This means that the chod can literally sit on anything it lands on and still be presented for a carp to come in and take the bait.