New Direction Bite Alarms Review

Our New Direction bite alarms review takes a look at the new boys on the scene. Blending modern designs with modern technology the New Direction bite alarm really does pack a punch for the price.

If you’re looking for a new carp fishing bite alarm then New direction may just have what you need. New Direction tackle has created a bite alarm that can link to your phone via Bluetooth. You can control sensitivity, volume as well as the colour of the LED light.

New Direction S9 Bite Alarm Review

In our New Direction bite alarms review post, we take a close look at the new alarm. The S9 is the newest waterproof bite alarm from New Direction. It comes with snag bars which many others charge you extra for.

New Direction S9 Review
Image by: Carp Commando

You can change the colour of the LED with the click of a button, unlike the more well-known brands where you have to choose the colour of your LED before purchasing.

A great feature of the S9 is the ability to mute the alarms for 30 seconds, this allows you to set your bobbins up as needed without the sound of the alarm going off annoying yourself, other fisherman or more importantly the carp.

The S9’s sensitivity is driven via a roller wheel, on the lowest level this is absolutely amazing, it delivers a bleep every 4mm of the line taken. Thats under half a centermeter! Also, the app can tell you how much line has been taken on your phone, this may not be that important but it’s a lovely added extra.

New Direction has installed a 0-100db volume cone speaker delivering quality sound on a take. You also have the option of 7 different tones to choose from.

Another great improvement on the S9 is the Lithium-ion battery. Rated at 500mAh the battery can last for 900 hours in standby mode. That’s such an improvement on most other alarms where you have to buy a new battery every time.

Oh, did we not mention? These alarms can be charged via micro USB!

– Waterproof

The New Direction S9 bite alarms boast an amazing waterproof case, they are in fact, so confident of the waterproof design that they even shared a video of the alarms in a dishwasher…

New Direction Bite Alarms Review – S9 Inside A Dishwasher: New Direction Tackle TV

– Snag Bars

The S9’s come with snag ears included, these not only protect you when snag fishing ut they also act as an antenna for the receiver.

A very well thought out design from New Direction.

If you are fishing locked up to snags then they do have bigger snag ears that can be attached just by positioning them underneath and screwing into place.

– Remote Control

The remote control/receiver that comes with the S9 has more options than any other on the market.

The receiver not only indicates a bite but like the phone app you can control every aspect of the alarms functions.

The receiver has many settings itself including the option of just vibration rather than sound.

New Direction Bite Alarms 2+1
Image by: New Direction Tackle

– Phone Application for iOS and Android

Not only do you get an innovative app for your phone, but you can also control every single option through the phone app too.

These include sensitivity, LED colour, the nightlight, volume, tone and app ringing. Also, if you do get a bite the phone will give you a notification too.

– Sensitivity

The S9 boasts extreme sensitivity, the highest setting will deliver a tone for every 4mm of the line that’s been taken of the reel. If this setting is too sensitive for you as we found, there are an additional 9 levels of sensitivity so you can find the perfect setting.

New Direction Bite Alarms Intructions
Image by: New Direction Tackle

– Battery Life

The highly efficient Lithium-ion battery can be charged via USB, this great for those on the bank with a portable charger should the battery go. Fear not though, the battery can last up to 900 hours with a full charge. The app/receiver will also let you know if the battery is getting low.

– High-Quality Cone Speaker

Installed in the S9 is a high-quality cone speaker with volume up to 100db, not much else to say on this, it does what it’s meant to do.

Carp Bite Alarm Reviews
Image by: New Direction Tackle

– LED Colour Choice

With many alarms on the market, today not offering multiple options of LED colours it’s nice to see a company realising we may not want the same colour every session. You can easily flick through the different colours by pressing the power button on the alarm twice.

If it’s raining or you are comfy in your bivvy you can easily change the colours via the phone app or receiver.

bite alarm reviews
Image by: New Direction Tackle

– Mute Function

Trying to set your rod up or bobbins can be a pain after casting out. New Direction came up with another great idea… The mute function! This gives you 30 seconds once activated to set your rod how you want.

After 30 seconds the volume is back, I have previously turned the volume down and forgot to turn it back up on other alarms, I’m sure I’m not the only one!

– Receiver Range

Although we don’t advise being very far off your rods there are situations where this may occur for a few minutes. This could be to help a friend in another swim with a fish.

The New Direction S9 bite alarms boast a massive 150-meter range, we don’t think you will ever need that but it’s nice to know and gives us confidence that this will work through any terrain.

– Night Light

Night Light function allows you to turn on dim light at night so you can see your New Direction S9 bite alarms. This is just an added bonus that we liked and thought it should be added into the review.

To see all the features in action watch this video courtesy of CARPologyTV:

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✔️Cheap For What You Get
✔️Great Sensitivity Settings
✔️Extremely Long Range Receiver
✔️Phone App Controls Alarms
✔️Snag Bars Included
✔️Change The Colour Of The LED’s
✔️100db Cone Speaker
✔️900 Hour Battery Life
✔️Mute Function
✔️100% Waterproof

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❌A Little On The Small Side
❌Not Good If You Aren’t Tech Savvy
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