Best Bite Alarm Set Under £200

Now let’s be honest, you aren’t going to get the best bite alarms buying a bite alarm set under £200. In this day and age, you can certainly get a reliable set of alarms though. Just don’t expect the superior functions of the Fox RX+ or the Delkim TXIs.

In this day and age, you can be sure to get a decent reliable set of alarms for under £200 though. Alarms that are waterproof and will not fail you on the bank. So let’s take a look at these bite alarm sets.

1. New Direction S9 3 Rod Presentation Bite Alarm Set

New direction tackle is fairly new on the scene in terms of angling but takes nothing away from this innovative company. Thinking outside the box they have mixed modern-day technology with carp angling.

new direction bite alarms review

Coming in well under £200 for the three-bite alarms with a receiver at £119. Do not be fooled by the price, these alarms speak for themselves and the reviews are very good (read our full review here).

There is even a video of this alarm going through the dishwasher to show just how waterproof it is. In our opinion, for £119 you can’t go wrong with this set.

2. JRC Radar Cx Bite Alarm Set 3+1

JRC is well known in the carp world but no so much for their bite alarms. That however changed with the JRC Radar CX. Boasting a left-hand side LED runway set of travelling lights these really are a beautiful set of modern alarms for the money.

The alarms are designed and engineered in the UK. They have adjustable volume, tone and sensitivity. Not only are they a steal for £165 but they also come with a very modern-looking receiver. The receiver has a ranger of 150 meters. The Radar CXs boast many features that the more expensive alarms have but at a much more affordable price.

3. Dynamic 3pc Plus Receiver Bite Alarms

This brand was actually unknown to us but for the price, we just could not resist having a look. Dynamic has produced this set of 3 alarms and a receiver for £140. The receiver has a range of 150 meters just like the Radar CX’s. These alarms have a rolling code function so you can be sure of no interference from other alarms.

They feature volume and tone control as well as 7 multicoloured LEDs. The snag ears are included within the price where many other brands are priced as an extra. For the price, these are very good value for money.

You aren’t going to get the fox bite alarm set or the Delkim bite alarm sound for under £200 but these carp fishing bite alarms are very good options if you’re looking for budget bite alarms.

If you can stretch a little more it may be worth looking at the Fox Micron known for its amazing roller wheel, Sonik SKS bite alarm or the quality Nash Sirens. These are the next step up and the best bite alarms available for a little bit more money.