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Here at CarpFishingUK, we aim to be every angler’s one-stop resource in everything about carp fishing. We discuss our secrets here: from baits, tackle, and techniques. With this, you can catch the biggest carp with the right equipment and skills.

Regardless if you’re a newbie or a seasoned angler, we always have something to offer you on our blog.

For years of fishing across the UK, we have caught hundreds – if not thousands – of carp and other fishes in ponds, lakes, and seas. Rest assured that our tips here are tried and tested through our very own fishing rods.

We’re passionate about pleasure fishing and we take angling matches seriously. Our team has been carp fishing ever since we’re old enough to hold a fishing rod.

For us, carp fishing is more than just a hobby. We consider it as a craft and skill that anyone can explore and master.

Above all, we promote safe and acceptable carp fishing practices. As anglers, we deem it our responsibility to protect the waters and fishes that we visit and catch.

Our rule is simple: take only memories, photos, and measurements. Nothing else. Every carp goes back to the water so more anglers will get to witness its spectacle and feel the joy of fighting off a 50-pounder.

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